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Why Use Marine Online Currency Exchange?

Marine Match

Savings up to 2.4% on exchange rates

business categories

Easy to use self-serve platform

business categories

Supports 14 major currency pairs including CNH

Our Currency Exchange Rates
Amount to be converted: US$ 1

  • Converted To

    Converted With

    Offline Bank

    Converted With

    Your Earnings

    • SGD
    + 14,630.00 1.1%
    • EUR
    + 18,438.95 2.0%
    • CNH
    + 164,113.30 2.3%
    • JPY
    + 23,976.34 2.2%
    • AUD
    + 30,911.75 2.1%
    • DKK
    + 169,403.23 2.5%
    • GBP
    + 17,693.96 2.2%
    • CHF
    + 22,590.67 2.3%
    • HKD
    + 170,425.23 2.2%
    • SEK
    + 274,501.05 2.9%
    • CAD
    + 25,261.95 1.9%
    • NOK
    + 245,749.38 2.7%

*Rates as of 16 September 2019

3 Easy Steps

  • Marine Match

    STEP 1

    T/T transfer your desired amount to your online cash account assigned by us

  • business categories

    STEP 2

    Select and convert the currencies you need

  • business categories

    STEP 3

    Proceed and withdraw to your bank account

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use this service?You need to sign In to your Marine Online Account to use the service."
  • Do I have to make transaction or can I just do a conversion?No transaction is required to do the conversion.
  • How do I top up my cash account and what is the processing time?You can T/T transfers the amount to top up your online cash account. This is dependent on your bank's processing time

    Sign In to your account > Go to My Cash Account > Go to Top-up.

  • What are the processing times for conversion and withdrawalOur conversion is made in real time.
    Withdrawal made to Citibank Singapore is made within minutes.
    Withdrawal made to other banks will normally be 1 to 2 working days depending on their own processing time.
  • How do I check on the funds value and amont after the conversion?

    Our platform allows you to view the funds value and amount. Simply sign in to your account and go to Cash Account Overview.

  • How do I withdraw my money after the conversion?

    Sign In to your account > Go to My Cash Account > Go to Bank Details to complete the form > Go to Withdrawal

  • Can I Convert USD to RMB?Marine Online supports the conversion of USD to CNH (Offshore RMB) but not from USD to CNY (Onshore RMB).
  • Can I convert other currencies to USD?You are able to convert between any of the 14 majory currency pairs
  • Are there any charges when using your currency exchange service?

    The currency exchange services are free for all verified members. Members will require to transfer funds to their platform account for any currency conversion, the transfer is subject to your bank charges.

    Withdrawal of funds from your platform account to your bank is subject to USD$10 charges by Marine Online. (Charges will be waived if transfer is made using a Citibank Singapore account.)