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About Global Shipowner Alliance

In today's disrupted shipping economy, Marine Online hopes to band together with a group of shipowners to lower their cost of ownership through volume consolidation.

Business Challenges Faced Today

Rising cost
Internal inefficiencies with cumbersome processes
Unfamiliar ports and supplier reliability
Lack of visibility on supplier performance
Different time zone, language and culture

How Alliance Works

Volume Consolidation

Gather individual shipowners and consolidate their volume


Work with selected service provider to offer best deal based on projected volume

Improve Bottom Line

More profits for shipowners on every essential marine services engaged through Alliance

Case Study:

10% Cheaper in Ship Supply Order

In the span of 3 months since the launch of GSA program, our Ship Supply division had served ship store and provision directly to our GSA Member in Singapore port. According to our members, the GSA pricing is ~10% cheaper than the lowest quoted supplier, leading to over S$30K savings to a single shipowner within 3 months only!

100% Risk-Free on Receivables

Exceptional Service Quality

  • Hand-picked 2-3 localised and reputable services provider
  • Provides services through standardised processes and work flow
  • Marine Online as Single Contact Point, offering end to end services

Globalised your business with Marine Credits

All registered shipowners receive instant US$20,000 Marine Credits

US$ 20K - 1MCredits Lines
30Days Credit Term
3Working Days Approval in Average

* T&C applies.

Our Alliance Benefits

Competitive rates guaranteed 10% lower
Standardised processes and transparency
Extensive geographical coverage
Reliable and experienced Alliance partners
Single point of contact

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